SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 1: Orientation Challenge

Objective: What phrase is revealed when you answer all of the questions at the KringleCon Holiday Hack History kiosk inside the castle? For hints on achieving this objective, please visit Bushy Evergreen and help him with the Essential Editor Skills Cranberry Pi terminal challenge.

Answer: Happy Trails

The Kringle History Kiosk:
The Kringle History Kiosk is found in the main entrance hall of the castle, as you come in from the cold.

Question 1:
The first question is regarding SANS Holiday Hack 2015

The answer is: Firmware

Question 2:
The answer is: ATNAS

Question 3:

The answer is: Business Card

Question 4:

The answer is: Cranberry Pi

Question 5:

The answer is: Snowballs

Question 6:

The answer is: The Great Book

The Big Reveal:

On answering all the questions correctly the following phrase is provided: Happy Trails

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