Year: 2019

ByteBandits CTF 2019

EasyPHP The original PHP code was available on: I took a copy, made some debug output, and began some testing on my local server. Modified code below: Initially it looks like we have to provide a parameter ‘action’ that

FireShell CTF 2019: Crytpo – Alphabet

This challenge provided the following introduction: “If you know your keyboard, you know the flag” And the following zip file: The zip file contains a text file that appears to contains hex strings that appear to be separated by spaces.

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 10: Who Is Behind It All?

Objective: Who was the mastermind behind the whole KringleCon plan? And, in your emailed answers please explain that plan. Answer: Santa Access to the Vault:The vault is protected via a “Piano Lock” as we have got the password from Alabaster’s SQL Lite

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 9: Ransomeware Recovery

Objective: Alabaster Snowball is in dire need of your help. Santa’s file server has been hit with malware. Help Alabaster Snowball deal with the malware on Santa’s server by completing several tasks. For hints on achieving this objective, please visit Shinny

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 8: Network Traffic Forensics

Objective: Santa has introduced a web-based packet capture and analysis tool at to support the elves and their information security work. Using the system, access and decrypt HTTP/2 network activity. What is the name of the song described in the document

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 7: HR Incident Response

Objective: Santa uses an Elf Resources website to look for talented information security professionals. Gain access to the website and fetch the document C:\candidate_evaluation.docx. Which terrorist organization is secretly supported by the job applicant whose name begins with “K.” For hints on achieving this

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 6: Badge Manipulation

Objective: Bypass the authentication mechanism associated with the room near Pepper Minstix. A sample employee badge is available. What is the access control number revealed by the door authentication panel? For hints on achieving this objective, please visit Pepper Minstix and help her

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 5: AD Privilege Discovery

Objective: Using the data set contained in this SANS Slingshot Linux image, find a reliable path from a Kerberoastable user to the Domain Admins group. What’s the user’s logon name? Remember to avoid RDP as a control path as it depends

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 4: Data Repo Analysis

Objective: Retrieve the encrypted ZIP file from the North Pole Git repository. What is the password to open this file? For hints on achieving this objective, please visit Wunorse Openslae and help him with Stall Mucking Report Cranberry Pi terminal challenge. Answer: “Yippee-ki-yay” Analysing North Pole

SANS Holiday Hack 2018: Objective 3: de Bruijin Sequences

Objective: When you break into the speaker unpreparedness room, what does Morcel Nougat say? For hints on achieving this objective, please visit Tangle Coalbox and help him with Lethal ForensicELFication Cranberry Pi terminal challenge. Answer: Welcome unprepared speaker! Speaker UNpreparedness RoomAt the “Speaker UNpreparedness Room” we find